More Struggles Facing The Clinton Campaign

On America’s Newsroom, Ed Henry outlined several recent struggles facing the Clinton campaign.

In a recent interview with USA Today, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said “it’s conceivable” that the AFL-CIO won’t endorse a candidate for President in 2016. Ed Henry said about Trumka’s remarks, “It is a shot across the bow…. they’re upset that she just won’t take a firm position on this Pacific trade deal. And the reason is she kind of wants to have it both ways.”

In addition, Henry also highlighted Sidney Blumenthal and his relationship with the Clintons which continues to grab headlines. It was recently reported that Blumenthal was paid a $10,000-a-month retainer by the Clinton Foundation, during which time Blumenthal went around requests made by the Obama administration banning him from the Clinton State Department by providing intelligence about Libya to then-Secretary Clinton.

Henry also discussed the new Quinnipiac Poll which shows Hillary Clinton’s numbers on honesty and trustworthiness are “underwater” due stories about Sidney Blumentha and Bill Clinton’s secret corporation.