Meet Jack Conway: Serial Flip Flopper


A pattern emerges if you follow Jack Conway’s positions. They tend to change when he’s running for office. Why? Jack Conway is a national Democrat. In 2002 he unsuccessfully ran for Congress and in 2010 he unsuccessfully ran for U.S. Senate. Conway really wants to be in D.C., where he can just be a full-fledged Democrat, but for now is settling on taking a shot at the Governor’s seat. He has previously received contributions from Senator Harry Reid who is determined to decimate the coal industry and has said “Coal makes us sick.”  Conway also received contributions from Representative Nancy Pelosi who has pushed cap and trade legislation.

On the issues he is a serial flip-flopping national Democrat:

President Obama: Conway has consistently supported President Obama…except when he’s running for office. Conway supported Obama from 2007-2009, even serving as a delegate for him at both the 2008 and 2012 Democrat National Conventions. But in 2010, Conway didn’t want to be seen with Obama on the campaign trail. Then from 2011 to 2014, he supported the president, but when Obama came to Louisville in April, Conway avoided being seen with him. In non-election years though, Conway is happy to meet Obama on the tarmac when he arrives in Kentucky.

Cap And Trade: In 2009, Conway said he supported cap and trade legislation in the U.S. Senate. The cap and trade bill would have cost Kentucky jobs and raised energy rates on working families. Conway flipped his position in the middle of his Senate campaign and said he opposed it.

Bush Tax Cuts: In 2002, while campaigning for Congress, Conway said he would vote for the Bush Tax Cuts. Then in 2010, he said he would let the majority of the tax cuts expire. However, a few months later, he changed his tune again and said he would extend the tax cuts.

It’s easy to see Conway is a perpetual candidate who has been running for various offices since 2001 and tries to dial back his liberal agenda when running for office.