Kyrsten Sinema Shocked By Kirkpatrick Announcement

This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen.

On Tuesday, Ann Kirkpatrick announced she would risk her seat in the House to run for Senate in Arizona. On Wednesday, the Democrat most expected to run, Kyrsten Sinema, could barely hide her disbelief.

Local CBS affiliate KHPO has more:

So what did Sinema think about her fellow Democrat’s chances of winning?

“You’ll probably have to call Ann and ask her,” Sinema said.

Not exactly a vote of confidence. But her interesting comments came when she made it sound like Kirkpatrick’s decision came straight out of left field.

Indeed, when asked about the news, Sinema had this to say:

“You know, most of us in Arizona are pretty surprised by that news yesterday.”

Needless to say, Sinema is none too pleased with Kirkpatrick’s move. It may be a while before we see this Sinema again: