As Hillary Hides, 5 Democratic Leaders Talk To The Media


According to the most generous estimates, Hillary Clinton has answered only thirteen questions from the press during the first month of her 2016 Presidential campaign. The answers have been devoid of specifics and laughable at best – for example, when asked about her campaign finance agenda, Clinton said, “We do have a plan. We have a plan for my plan.”

And it’s not for lack of trying – reporters have sprinted across the campus of a community college in Iowa, been forced to stake out her private fundraisers with members of the one-percent, published their questions online and even unveiled a timer that tracks the amount time elapsed since Clinton last answered a question.

As Hillary hides from the press and avoids tough questions about her family foundation and private email server, here are a few leading Democrats that have answered more questions from the media in the past month:

  • Bill Clinton has done three televised interviews and in one, attempted to justify his $500,000 speaking fees as needing to “pay our bills” (but, hey, at least he tried).
  • Democratic Rivals Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley have “been doing regular television interviews and answering multiple questions on their campaign stops.”
  • Progressive Icons Elizabeth Warren and Bill De Blasio have been all over TV and print media pushing their progressive “Contract For America.”