Hillary Clinton Dominates The Sunday Shows

When will Hillary Clinton answer a question from the media?

That question was the general theme of this week’s Sunday show line up. It has been 26 days since Hillary Clinton answered a question from the media, and the former Secretary of State has answered a mere 9 questions since launching her second Presidential campaign six weeks ago.

Clinton’s silence on key issues like the Trans Pacific Partnership is starting to frustrate members of the media and Democrats alike.

On CBS Face The Nation, The Washington Post’s David Ignatius found Hillary Clinton’s silence on TPP ‘troubling’ and said it seemed like the former Secretary of State was running scared from the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

Chuck Todd highlighted Clinton’s lack of accessibility with this graphic:

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 11.58.17 AM

The Meet the Press panel that included former Obama campaign manger David Axelrod went on to bash Hillary Clinton’s lack of media accessibly.

The other story that dominated the Sunday shows, was the Friday news dump regarding the ‘dead broke’ Clintons netting $30 million since the beginning of 2014. ABC George Stephanopoulos called the number ‘eye-popping’.

While BuzzFeed D.C. bureau chief John Stanton said about Hillary Clintons reported earnings:

I don’t think anybody thinks she understands what their life is like. She has been in the public eye for what 30 years really, and she is clearly a wealthy woman. This whole notion that she attempting to act like she was an everyman, was sort of a bad idea I thought at the outset and I don’t think it does much more than tell people yeah, she is super rich just like we thought she was.”