Hilary Clinton Wants To Be The President For Small Business. Here’s Why She’s Anything But.

In a tweet she sent out this morning, Hillary Clinton said she wants to be “the president for small business.” This week, she’s holding small business-focused events in Iowa and New Hampshire.

But there’s a problem.
This newfound focus on “small business” is completely at odds with her record. America Rising analyzed every debate in which Clinton participated in 2007 and 2008. Check out our new infographic below:


Of her 19 debates, Clinton mentioned “small business” a grand total of zero times. And despite 5.9 million Americans owning small businesses at that time, Clinton didn’t bother having a small business issues section on her website.


Nor did she go to the trouble of creating a plan for small businesses.


So when you hear Clinton claiming that she will be “the president for small business,” just remember that it wasn’t an important enough issue for Clinton to do anything about last time she wanted to be president.