Clinton State Department Slow Walking FOIA Request Shows A Lack Of Transparency

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Clinton State Department, “scrutinized politically sensitive documents requested under public-records law and sometimes blocked their release, according to people with direct knowledge of the activities.”

Longtime Clinton aide Cheryl Mills seemed to be particularly involved with this process demanding that documents be held back on several occasions.

This report was discussed in depth on several morning shows with the general conclusion being that this was yet again another example of the Clinton State Department’s lack of transparency.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny called the report “scathing” and that it was just another that sign that transparency would be a dogging issue for her campaign.

MSNBC Alex Seitz-Wald said about the report:

ALEX SEITZ-WALD: The issues raised, is that Cheryl Mills, who was Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, long time Clinton aide, asked to be involved in specific issues around the Keystone XL pipeline for instance, and also around Bill Clinton’s speaking engagements. So the suggestion there is that she wanted to keep an eye on these things for political sensitivities more than anything that might be in the interest of the department itself. And that she perhaps had some negotiations back and forth with the records officials handling those requests.