Clinton Scandals Take Over The Morning News

With several news stories breaking late in the afternoon yesterday, and the continued media blackout by the Clinton campaign the morning news was dominated once again by Hillary Clinton.

MSNBC Morning Joe highlighted the New York Times report that long time Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal wrote a series of memos to then-Secretary Clinton regarding the situation in Libya, which it turns out he was trying to profit from.

This lead to Joe Scarborough saying, “There is always a dollar sign attached somewhere a co-mingling of friendships, state department business and moneymaking, right?”

On top of that, it is now being reported that Sectary Clinton’s 55,000 emails from her private email server won’t be released until January 2016, two weeks before the Iowa caucuses.

Compounding these scandals is the on going media black out by the Clinton campaign. It has been 4 weeks since the former Sectary answered a reporter’s question.

Their frustration at this fact is starting to become very apparent. Mike Barnicle stated this morning that Hillary Clinton isn’t answering questions because “there are no good answers.”