Clinton Attacks Chinese Companies When They Aren’t Paying The Bills

At her small business roundtable event from earlier today, Clinton said it was “unfortunate” and concerning that Chinese companies are buying American companies. However, Clinton did not adopt this tough-on-Chinese companies approach when it came to accepting donations to her family Foundation. Just a couple of months ago, CBS reported that a privately-held Chinese conglomerate with “a direct tie to the Chinese government” pledged $2 million to the Foundation in 2013. And these concerns didn’t stop Bill Clinton from receiving large speaking fees from Chinese tied firms either.

Clinton also expressed concern at the fact that, more broadly, foreign companies are acquiring American companies. Once again, her past actions don’t match up with her tough rhetoric. A bombshell report by The New York Times revealed that a high-level interdepartmental committee on which Clinton sat approved the sale of a company that owned the rights to twenty percent of all domestic uranium production capacity in the United States to a state-owned Russian energy corporation. This came after $2.35 million in donations flowed to a Clinton-tied charity, a fact that was until recently undisclosed.