Bill de Blasio’s Contract With Hillary Clinton

This morning, Politico reported that liberal New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is creating what he’s calling his “Progressive Agenda to Combat Income Inequality.” 

De Blasio was most recently in the news when he stepped all over Hillary Clinton’s presidential announcement by telling Chuck Todd on “Meet The Press” that he wouldn’t endorse Clinton. Previously, de Blasio served as Clinton’s 2000 Senate race campaign manager. The snub made front-page news in New York.

Few details of de Blasio’s “contract” have been released, but Politico has this preview:

Among the planks is a universal pre-kindergarten program, DeBlasio’s signature policy since he took office on Jan. 1, 2014. Other elements are aimed at helping working people ($15 minimum wage) and working parents (paid family leave), and proposals for “tax fairness” (increasing the tax on carried interest, a huge issue for private equity).

While some names of those involved were released, one was absent: Hillary Clinton. It’s unclear if Clinton, who has been shamelessly tacking left to appease her liberal base, will sign de Blasio’s contract.

But regardless of whether she signs, you can bet Clinton isn’t happy that de Blasio is continuing his efforts to outflank her on the left.