8 Foreign Policy Questions For Reporters To Ask Hillary Clinton

Although Hillary Clinton only sparingly answers questions from the press, below is a list of foreign policy questions that reporters could consider asking, should Clinton “ponder” a back-and-forth with the press:

1. Do you support legislation passed by both the Senate and the House that would provide Congressional review of a nuclear agreement with Iran?

2. With the recent fall of Ramadi to Islamic State and ongoing reports an Islamic State branch is active in Yemen, especially because of the Houthi conflict, what is your strategy to halt the terror group from making even further advances?

3. Under your watch at the State Department, Boko Haram was not recognized as a terrorist group. Since they have formally pledged allegiance to Islamic State, which recently took control of Ramadi, a city only 80 miles from Baghdad, and continue to challenge other Iraqi cities and infrastructure, did you miss the early warning signs on Boko Haram?

4. Why was there seemingly no plan for a post-Gaddafi Libya?

5. Given Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, annexing of Crimea, reports that they hacked the White House, and violation of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty, would you still characterize the Russian Reset as a “brilliant stroke”?

6. If the indigenous uprisings of the Arab Spring were to happen again, what would your strategy be to support those seeking democratic reforms in their state?

7. The so-called Asia Pivot was roundly criticized as missing or disappointing. Shouldn’t the administration use its resources and power to protect and promote U.S. interests across many regions simultaneously?

8. Given the reports that Assad has used chemical weapons on his own people, do you still believe he is a “reformer”?