11 Times Hillary Clinton Overlooked Something REALLY Important

1) That time Hillary Clinton forgot about the agreement between herself and the Obama Administration that the Clinton Foundation would publicly identify all donors while she was Secretary of State.

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2) She overlooked that Canadian law doesn’t actually forbid disclosure of donors.

That disclosure claim has run into, well, the facts, as nearly every Canadian expert asked for comment shot down that defense as false. Read More.

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3) When Clinton couldn’t seem to find where that $6 billion of taxpayer money went during her tenure at Foggy Bottom.

4) That time Clinton said she had 1 phone for “convenience,” explaining why she didn’t use State Department email – but totally forgot she actually had 2 phones.


5) She can’t seem to keep her stances on the issues straight, flip-flopping on at least three major issues during her first week as an official candidate.

6) When she claimed she wants “unaccountable money” out of politics, but at that exact moment her campaign chairman was wooing big donors at a swanky conference in San Francisco.


7) That time the Clintons forgot to report $24 million in income on their taxes.

8) Clinton said the Iran sanctions were her idea, but they actually weren’t. OOPS!


9) Clinton tweeted that the detention of five women’s rights activists in China “must end,” but less than a month after becoming Secretary of State in 2009, she had told reporters in South Korea that while human rights in China were important they “can’t interfere” with dialogue on economic issues.


10) In her campaign website biography, Clinton called herself a “forceful champion” of women’s rights, not mentioning that the Clinton Foundation has accepted large donations from countries that routinely violate women’s rights.


11) Clinton compared Vladimir Putin to Hitler, but later called her Russia Reset a “brilliant stroke.”