Will Trade Be Clinton’s 3rd Flip Flop In 6 Days?

Clinton On Trade (Website)When it comes to trade, Hillary Clinton is in a bind.

Congress is set to vote on the giving President Obama fast track authority on trade in a few weeks. Clinton’s political calculation is made more difficult with Republicans and some Democrats siding with President Obama on this issue, while liberal Democrats, whom Clinton is actively trying to convince to support her, oppose the deal:

Meantime, an increasingly vociferous coalition of liberal lawmakers, labor leaders and grassroots populists, whose support Clinton will need during the primary campaign, have warned Clinton that they deeply oppose the pact, which they describe as a job-killing sweetheart deal for global corporations.

In the past, Clinton has taken virtually every position regarding trade. As First Lady in 1998, Clinton scolded those who opposed the NAFTA deal, which was supported by President Bill Clinton.

But in 2008, as she ran for President the first time, Clinton struck a different note on trade:

“Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton told union activists Monday she would call a ‘time out’ on trade agreement if she wins the White House to see if the deals are draining jobs from the U.S.”

Later as Secretary of State, Clinton came out in support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, praising it as an “innovative ambitious” free trade agreement:

After bouncing back and forth on trade over the past 20 years, will Clinton offer her third flip-flop (after same-sex marriage and immigration) of her 6-day-old campaign?