The Headlines: Clinton’s Swing State Struggle

Yesterday’s Quinnipiac poll had brutal results for Hillary Clinton in key 2016 states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida. Check out the headlines below from those states’ publications and national outlets showcasing Clinton’s falling favorability ratings:

Orlando Sentinel: “Q Poll: Email Flap Has Made Clinton Vulnerable.”

CBS Miami: “New Q Poll: Hillary Clinton Losing Ground In Florida.”

Miami Herald: “Quinnipiac Poll: Hillary Clinton Less Popular Than She Used To Be In Florida.”

CBS Philadelphia: “Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Support Softening In All-Important Swing States.”

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “Poll Shows Clinton Slipping In Trustworthiness Among Voters.”

Politico: “Swing-State Poll Shows ‘Red Flag’ For Clinton.”

MSNBC: “Hillary Clinton Down In Matchups With Potential 2016 Contenders.”

CNN: “Poll: Hillary Clinton Slips In Swing States.”