The Clinton Campaign’s Early Lies And Failures

Hillary Clinton announced that she will be running for president today starting her campaign by exaggerating her record and misrepresenting her foreign policy failures. 

In her campaign website biography, Clinton called herself a “forceful champion” of women’s rights even though the Clinton Foundation has accepted large donations from countries that routinely violate women’s rights.

She exaggerated both her role in the creation of the Children’s Health Insurance Program and the work she did on veteran’s health care.

Clinton claimed credit for restoring America’s standing in the world even though polling showed that opinion of the US in key countries declined over her tenure while she also claimed credit for Iran sanctions that she opposed.

On her Facebook page, Clinton continued touting her failures in Russia and the Asia-Pivot. She praised the arms reduction treaty, a part of the failed Russia reset she considers a “brilliant stroke” and specifically noted the launch of the Asia-Pivot which the Democratic Senate and Defense Department officials have pointed out as a failure.