NY Democrat’s Campaign Event Goes Embarrassingly Wrong

Today, Brooklyn Democrat Vincent Gentile held a campaign event in the neighboring borough of Staten Island, replete with a prop yardstick, in an attempt to highlight the numerous potholes on the roads. It turns out, embarrassingly enough, that the event site chosen by Gentile and his staff had just been freshly paved and all the potholes fixed.

How humiliating.

Gentile: “We were to talk about the Highway Trust Fund and about growing infrastructure in the area. We chose this location and we brought our yardstick because this strip here right around Chestnut Street and Bay Street was pothole marked, deep potholes over the past weekend when we drove through here. But as it would be, the New York City Department of Transportation is doing their job around the clock and we found out this morning that they paved overnight. And so all the potholes we wanted to show you as indicative of everything that’s on Staten Island is not here anymore. So the use of this yard stick will not be necessary, but I think we all get the picture of the conditions of our roads.”