NY Democrat Has Extremely Embarrassing Fundraising Haul

The news keeps getting worse for Vincent Gentile as the Brooklyn Democrat vies for a chance to represent a Staten Island-based New York City congressional seat. Fundraising numbers just came out and show Gentile raised a paltry $195,000… more than $400,000 less than his opponent.

What’s more, from individuals disclosed on FEC reports, Donovan received the support of over 450 individuals while Gentile was only able to muster support from just over 160 people.

Vinnie doesn’t seem too upset about this horrific fundraising haul, though. According to Gentile’s spokesman:

“We are running the campaign we want to run.”

There seems to be a disconnect, however, as NY1 reported last night that Gentile had hoped to raise $500,000 in the race:

“Now earlier this month, both the Donovan campaign and the Gentile campaign told us they hoped to raise about a half a million dollars for the race. Now clearly Donovan reached that goal; Gentile did not.”