Massachusetts Democratic Congressmen Say Pelosi Should Go

In Case You Missed It: Two longtime Democratic Congressmen from Massachusetts are apparently fed up with Nancy Pelosi as their leader:

Moderator: “… Is it time for her to go with Harry Reid?”

Rep. Michael Capuano: “I have said from day one that when you do something, no matter how good I may think it is, if it’s not working you should change what you’re doing. And right now we continue to do the same thing, we have lost more seats since then and I’ve thought for a while – I don’t blame one person, that would be incredibly stupid…”

Moderator: “But she should go?”

Rep. Capuano: “I think we need leadership that understands if something you’re doing is not working, change what you’re doing.”

Moderator: “So she should go?”

Rep. Capuano: “I think that or she should change, one way or the other. Thus far, we just lost more seats at the last cycle.”

Moderator: “Should she go?”

Rep. Stephen Lynch: “Nancy Pelosi will not lead us back into the majority.”

Moderator: “So the answer is yes?”

Rep. Lynch: “Right.”