Hypocritical Left-Wing Group Suddenly Criticizing Ohio Senator It Once Praised

Before the left-wing National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) decided to pollute Ohio’s airwaves with outrageous attack ads, they were publicly praising Ohio Senator Rob Portman for introducing legislation that would, according to their own analysis, “benefit consumers and the environment.” NRDC also predicted on their own web site that Portman’s legislation would “save taxpayer dollars, promote job growth, and cut carbon pollution by increasing investments in energy efficient buildings and technologies.”

Portman’s bipartisan legislation, known more commonly as Shaheen-Portman, recently passed the Senate.

Today, with their over-the-top ad campaign accusing Senator Portman of making it harder for children to breathe, the NRDC has exposed themselves as nothing more than a hypocritical and partisan Ted Strickland-supporting front group.

It’s sad, but not surprising, that NRDC would stoop to such lows to boost Strickland, the former governor that wrecked Ohio’s economy and oversaw 370,000 jobs lost.