Hillary Clinton’s Radioactive (And Other Terrible) Headlines

It’s been a rough morning for Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign. With this morning’s news about her family Foundation’s involvement in a Russian uranium deal, these headlines are radioactive:

New York Times: “Cash Flowed To Clinton Foundation As Russians Pressed For Control Of Uranium Company”

Washington Post: “For Clintons, Speech Income Shows How Their Wealth Is Intertwined With Charity”

ABC News: “Bill Clinton Cashed In When Hillary Became Secretary of State”

Politico: “Book Alleges Donor Cash Influenced Hillary’s Stance On Colombia Trade Deal”

Politico: “Hillary Clinton Struggles To Contain Media Barrage On Foreign Cash”

Wall Street Journal: “Gifts To Hillary Clinton’s Family Charity Are Scrutinized In Wake Of Book”

CBS News: “Clinton Charity, Russian Atomic Energy Agency In Focus”

The Hill: “New Questions About Clinton Foundation, Russian Nuclear Agency”

Financial Times: “Questions Raised Over Hillary Clinton’s Financial Dealings”

Business Insider: “The Clinton Foundation Received Millions From Uranium Investors As Putin Took Over 20% Of US Uranium Reserves”