Elizabeth Warren: I’d Like To See Clinton Address Her Trade Position

In an unusually testy interview on CBS’s “This Morning,” Elizabeth Warren was asked where she differs with Hillary Clinton on key issues. Warren cited trade as an example of not knowing where Clinton stands.

“You know, we have a big debate going on right now on trade within the Democratic Party…”

In addition to trade, there were a number of other areas where it’s obvious that Warren’s not exactly Ready For Hillary:

“Charlie, I’ll tell you where I stand on all of the key issues. It’s up to others to say whether they stand there as well or if they stand in some different place. I’ll tell you where I stand on minimum wage; I’ll tell you where I stand on equal pay for equal work … I’d like to see her address all of these issues.”

Warren also indicated she did not favor a coronation for Clinton and encouraged an open primary debate: