The Clintons Have A History Of Problems With Their Taxes

Everybody hates tax day, but few have gone to the lengths that the Clintons have to deliberately avoid paying their taxes. In 2010, Hillary Clinton decried the wealthy not paying “their fair share,” and yet for decades, she and her husband Bill have used various schemes to do just that:

2014: The Clintons have shielded their wealth from the estate tax by splitting the ownership of their New York mansion into separate trusts, which allows the home’s appreciation to happen outside the Clintons’ taxable estate, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars on their taxes.

2008: After Hillary Clinton finally released her tax returns, a $24 million discrepancy was discovered in the Clintons’ income reported on then-Sen. Clinton’s personal financial disclosures and the income reported on the couple’s income tax returns.

1994: The Clintons paid $14,615 in back taxes some 14 years after they failed to report profits from Hillary Clinton’s commodities trading.