Clinton Decided To Run For President At Millionaire Fashion Designer’s Beachfront “Compound”

Ever a true “champion” of “everyday Americans,” Hillary Clinton reportedly decided she would launch another run for the White House while vacationing at the late Oscar de la Renta’s “compound” in the Dominican Republic.

The Associated Press’ Julie Pace said the Clintons like to stay at de la Renta’s “beachfront estate” and “that’s where she went with a 500-page binder to make her decision.” De la Renta, who died late last year, made a fortune designing high-end clothing for the world’s elite.

PACE: “It’s funny because this is just part of her life, this is the life, the space that they occupy, and yet for most Americans the idea of jetting off to a beachfront mansion in the Dominican Republican for the holidays is just very different than their experiences.”