Clinton Claims To Have Stood Up To Clinton Foundation Donor Saudi Arabia

Today, while presenting an award named after herself, Clinton touted her own work while Secretary of State standing up for women in Saudi Arabia.

As the New York Times has reported, Saudi Arabia is “a particularly generous benefactor to the Clinton Foundation,” having donated between $11.1 million and $30.25 million.

The department’s 2011 human rights report on Saudi Arabia, the last such yearly review prepared during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure, tersely faulted the kingdom for “a lack of equal rights for women and children,” and said violence against women, human trafficking and gender discrimination, among other abuses, were all ‘common’ there. Saudi Arabia has been a particularly generous benefactor to the Clinton Foundation, giving at least $10 million since 2001, according to foundation disclosures. At least $1 million more was donated by Friends of Saudi Arabia, co-founded by a Saudi prince.

When it comes to Clinton Foundation donations, the massive amounts of money must help Clinton overlook the human rights abuses.