Bloomberg And Clinton Ally DeBlasio Don’t Practice Equal Pay For Women

Mayor Bloomberg Introduces Mayor Candidates At City Lab Forum On Urban Ideas

One may fight the Second Amendment and the other may be prepping for a Hillary Clinton run, but together both Mike Bloomberg and Bill DeBlasio paid women and minorities substantially less than their white male counterparts, according to the New York Times.

“A federal commission on fair employment practices found that New York City has engaged in a broad pattern of discrimination, paying minorities and women substantially less than their white male counterparts…”

This must be awkward for Hillary Clinton, who just last December attended an event with Michael Bloomberg and praised the former mayor for recognizing “that we need to count women and girls because women and girls count.”

Sure… just not in his administration or Bill DeBlasio’s. That should make Clinton’s talking points are little harder to believe when she campaigns with her friends, the New York City mayors, in the future.