Bill “Every Man” Clinton’s Town & Country Cover Photo

Bill Clinton on the cover of Town & Country's May Philanthropy I

Bill Clinton posed for the May cover of Town & Country magazine. The cover photo, described as “a shot that looks more or less like a painting” includes some hidden gems, like “a real helicopter” in the background and a $4,000 watch:

Hay captured a noticeably younger-looking Clinton posing by a tree on the farm with a helicopter in the background — a shot that looks more or less like a painting — but one that Fielden denied was Photoshopped. “That’s a real helicopter in the background, and that’s a real Panerai watch that he’s wearing that he owns,” the editor said with a chuckle, noting that Clinton’s appearance marks T&C’s first presidential cover.

Bear in mind, Clinton is wearing this watch while meeting with Haitian farmers. Here’s some helpful math for perspective: the average Haitian’s annual income is $400/year. The cheapest Panerai watch available is about $4,000 (considerably more expensive than the $550 watches he passes out to friends), which means it would take an average Haitian about 10 years to afford Clinton’s watch. Relatable!