How Do You Get To The End Of “Dead Broke” Clintons’ Rainbow?

Everyone knows that people wear green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. But the Clintons are deep in the green every day.

Where does the money in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow come from? Take a look below:

rainbow graphic (1)

$1,000/year – Bill Clinton’s Arkansas State Pension

Arkansas pension: In her 2011 financial disclosure form, Clinton states that Bill received “retirement benefits over $1,000” from the ARPES. (Hillary Clinton, Executive Branch Personnel Personal Financial Disclosure Report, Filed 5/15/12)

$16 million in taxpayer money for Bill Clinton’s travel, the salaries of staff, and more

“Bill Clinton and his office have received more money through the Former Presidents Act than any other ex-president.”

“By Election Day 2016, taxpayers will have paid out more than $16 million to fund Bill Clinton’s pension, travel, office expenses and even the salaries and benefits of staff at his family’s foundation, federal records show.”

Taxpayer tab for Clinton Inc.: $16 million – Politico

$2 billion in donations to the Clinton Foundation Hillary political donors, foreign governments that are not allowed to donate to U.S. campaigns, and more

The Clinton Foundation has raised about $2 billion “from a vast global network that includes corporate titans, political donors, foreign governments and other wealthy interests, according to a Washington Post review of public records and newly released contribution data.”

Clintons’ foundation has raised nearly $2 billion — and some key questions – Washington Post

$100 million in paid speeches

Over the past decade, the Clintons have earned more than $100 million from paid speeches. “The family speechmaking business is a lucrative one and has generated more than $100 million for her parents over the past decade as they hopscotched the globe. Their fees range from $200,000 to $700,000 per appearance, and Mr. Clinton alone earned $17 million last year giving speeches.”

Following Her Parents’ Lead, Chelsea Clinton Takes Stage As Paid Speaker – The New York Times