State Spox Admits They Won’t Verify If All Clinton Emails Are Released

During today’s State Department briefing, spokesperson Marie Harf admitted that there will be no way of knowing whether Secretary Clinton turned over all of her emails to the State Department.

“Well, as we have said, her staff has said these are all the responsive emails they had to our request, and that’s really a question for her staff to answer.”

Asked if there might be gaps where emails are missing, Harf offered this response:

“Well of course, but like, there’s not like 2 months missing, right?”

Reporters followed up, saying the only way to verify all emails were turned over would be to check Clinton’s server. Harf lamely replied, “That’s not the process of how it works.”

Oh. Great! We’ll just trust Clintons! They’ve never betrayed our trust in the past, right?