Real Clear Politics: New Live Stream App May Be 2016 Game Changer

“The technology is also appealing to opposition research teams digging up dirt. ‘In our business, the faster the better,’ says Jeff Bechdel, communications director for America Rising, a Republican research firm that put trackers in 36 states during the 2014 campaign.

Bechdel pointed to a live stream of Hillary Clinton being interviewed last month at a women’s tech conference in Silicon Valley, where she said she uses multiple mobile devices. As soon as Clinton said during a press conference last week that she conducted government business through her personal email account for the “convenience” of carrying a single device, America Rising distributed the Silicon Valley clip before Clinton had even finished her presser.

An app like Meerkat ‘could definitely work for us and help us get video and whatever else out there into the bloodstream as it happens, and help shape the narrative that way,’ says Bechdel.”

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