National Editorial Boards Blast Clinton’s Judgment On Emails


Anyone wondering why Hillary Clinton issued an 11:35pm panic-tweet regarding her State Department email scandal need look no further than newspaper editorial pages across the country.

Below is a round up of some of the nation’s newspapers blasting Clinton’s poor judgment and preference for personal secrecy over national security.

Washington Post: “Her decision to exclusively use a private e-mail account while secretary suggests she made a deliberate decision to shield her messages from scrutiny. It was a mistake that reflects poor judgment about a public trust.”

New York Times: “Hillary Rodham Clinton’s decision when she was secretary of state to use only her personal email account to conduct official business was a disturbing departure from the normal practice of relying primarily on departmental emails for official business.”

Charlotte Observer: “Clinton isn’t the first to use private email, but her failure to disclose massive batches is troubling. … But key issues remain unclear. What about her private-account emails to representatives of foreign governments? What about emails to U.S. officials on their private or government accounts?”

Omaha World-Herald: “It’s pretty simple: If you are a government official, paid by the public to do the public’s business, then records of your work belong to the government and the people. Which makes the situation surrounding former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton’s emails troubling.”

Wall Street Journal: “The real story here is that none of this is a surprise. This is how the Clintons roll. They’re a political version of the old Peanuts cartoon character who was always surrounded by a cloud of dirt. Ethical shortcuts and controversies are standard operating procedure.”

Sacramento Bee: “The rule is drilled into office workers everywhere – only use your work email for business-related messages and keep your personal email separate. Somehow, Hillary Clinton doesn’t seem to have followed that protocol as our nation’s top diplomat – and she’s properly being asked pointed questions about it.”