Leaked Clinton Talking Points Show Clinton Foundation Is NOT A Political Slush Fund ;)

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Capital New York released talking points this morning that were recently sent to supporters from Nick Merrill, spokesman for the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. The talkers stress that the Foundation is NOT a political slush fund used to pay for travel expenses for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Absolutely not!

Case in point, talking point number one with a bullet:

The Clinton Foundation is a philanthropy, period.

Got it? Anyone saying otherwise is just afraid to come to a “less sexy conclusion” (i.e., the media, whom the talkers vilify as the main culprit for all this) that the Clinton Foundation’s intentions are pure and its actions are blameless. (Questions about breaking that ethics agreement between the Foundation and the State Department? PIVOT!)

The Clintons reliance on attacking the media is as certain as death and taxes. One highlight:

• Something else you won’t find? Anyone questioning the fact that the Clinton Foundation’s work has improved the lives of millions across the globe. But you don’t hear them saying it either. And it’s important that doesn’t get lost in all of this, because it’s the most important part.

(Shorter version: It’s important because… it’s important!)

One bullet begins “People are trying to make this political…” To be clear: no one had to put any effort into “making this political.” The Clintons are able to handle that burden all on their own.