Hillary “Dead Broke” Clinton To Middle Class: I Feel Your Pain

Today, at the Center for American Progress (where she hilariously claimed we need to get out of our “ideological bunkers”) Hillary Clinton claimed to understand the challenges facing middle class Americans.

That’s rich, considering Hillary “Dead Broke” Clinton woke up in her $5 million mansion this morning.

And just remember, these are the same Clintons who laugh about buying 14 $550 watches and giving them away to friends; the same Clintons who claim they’re not out of touch because they talk to their neighbors in ritzy Chappaqua, New York (the 40th wealthiest town in the country); and the same Clintons who argue they are not “truly well off,” despite more than $150 million in earnings since leaving the White House.

Yeah, these are the Clintons who understand the middle class’s struggles under President Obama. See below for a transcript of Clinton’s remarks:

“The final point I want to make is this. We know a lot about social ability, one of the biggest issues we face is income inequality combined with wage stagnation. They really go hand-in-hand. We don’t have enough good jobs, we don’t have enough people placed in those jobs, we don’t have enough social mobility.


It turns out that places where the fabric of community is strong, with a vibrant middle class, places that are more integrated across class, places with good schools, places with unions, places with religious organizations and civic organizations help people feel rooted, part of a community. Then being able to pull together all of the aspects that place into upward mobility.”