Hillary Clinton Once Called Assad A Reformer. He Just Admitted To Using Chlorine Gas On His Own People.

In an interview with Charlie Rose that aired yesterday, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad once again proved how truly deranged he is. First, he defended the use of chemical weapons, then he denied that he used chlorine barrel bombs against his own people. And despite over 210,000 deaths in Syria and Assad’s use of chemical weapons against his own people, Hillary Clinton is on the record as calling Assad a “reformer” and a “different leader” than his similarly murderous father. Check out the transcript and interview below:

ROSE: One is chlorine gas. They believe it has been used here. They said there is evidence of that, and they would like to have the right to inspect to see where it’s coming from. As you know, barrel bombs have been used, and they come from helicopters. And the only people who have helicopters is the Syrian army. And so, those two acts of war, which has, society looks down on as barbaric acts.

ASSAD: Let me fully answer this. It’s very important. This is part of the malicious propaganda against Syria. First of all, the chlorine gas is not military gas. You can buy it anywhere.

ROSE: You do use barrel bombs? You’re just saying…

ASSAD: No, no. There’s no such a thing called barrel bombs. You have bombs, and any bomb is about killing.