Day 3 Of Editorial Boards Continuing To Bombard Clinton For Email Scandal


Hillary Clinton is now enduring day 3 of editorial boards from across the country criticizing her “homebrew” email system and complete disregard for transparency.

The brutal press onslaught appears to be taking its toll, as a new poll out from McClatchy-Marist shows Clinton losing ground with her potential GOP rivals.

How much longer she can endure this criticism remains to be seen. Click here if you missed day 1 or day 2. You can find today’s editorials below:

New York Daily News: ​“From the moment news broke that, as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton relied upon private email to conduct government business, the American people and potential Democratic presidential primary voters have had serious reason for concern. The cloud has grown darker each day since.”

Boston Globe: “Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail address for official business when she was secretary of state probably didn’t break the law. But that doesn’t mean that the privacy and security problems raised aren’t a serious cause for concern. Clinton owes it to the American public — both as a former cabinet member and as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee — to move swiftly to hand over all of her e-mail correspondence to the federal government.”

Tampa Tribune: “The excuses coming from the Hillary Clinton camp about her private email account are hard to swallow. Claims that she lived up to the “letter and spirit of the rules” governing email accounts while serving as secretary of state border on insulting. And the fact she released 55,000 pages of emails when asked for them is hardly evidence that she embraces transparency. Far from it.”

Roanoke Times: “Even if they were subject to disclosure, here’s the catch: Since those e-mails are in her possession, not archived on a government computer, she gets to decide which ones pertain to official business and which ones don’t. Therefore, the public has no way of knowing whether she’s holding anything back or not. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist who thinks her password is “Benghazi” to see the problem with that.”