Day 2 Of Editorial Board Smack Downs For Clinton’s Email Scandal


Yesterday, editorial boards blasted Hillary Clinton’s judgment for using a personal email account to conduct official business at the State Department. This morning, another wave of editorials rolled in, bringing with it phrases like “She should have known better” and Clinton’s actions “offend basic expectations of transparency.” One even likened her actions to Richard Nixon during Watergate.

The majority of of the editorial boards ripping Clinton for the email scandal endorsed President Obama in 2008 and 2012. See what they have to say about Clinton below:

USA Today: “Nevertheless, her behavior amounts to ignoring rules that others have little problem obeying. More regrettably, it indicates a distinct disdain for openness in government.”

Los Angeles Times: “The revelation that Hillary Rodham Clinton routinely used a private email account to transact business as secretary of State is disturbing. At a minimum, it complicated efforts by congressional investigators and citizens to lay hands on records to which they were entitled. It may also have jeopardized the security of information stored on an email server that lacked protections built into government systems.”

Miami Herald: “She should have known better. Transparency is not an option for a public official, nor a mere inconvenience to be ignored. It’s standard operating procedure for public officials, and it strains credibility for Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to claim she was unaware.”

Denver Post: “It’s not just the private e-mail account that’s so disturbing. Or that it has taken years for Hillary Clinton to turn over to the government tens of thousands of e-mails she generated during her tenure as secretary of state. It’s also the fact that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has positioned herself as the filter for the material that ultimately is to be released. And that offends basic expectations of transparency that come with public office.”

San Diego Union-Tribune: “Hillary Clinton has millions of admirers who don’t care about this history and are eager for her to reach the Oval Office. But her obliviousness on government transparency and on foreign donations to her family foundation confirms the judgment of liberal Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus: Clinton is her own worst enemy.”

Concord Monitor: “Unfortunately, Clinton’s disregard for transparency seems to be in line with the philosophy of the Obama administration, which has excelled at exemptions, foot-dragging and extensive redacting when it comes to Freedom of Information Act requests.”

Poughkeepsie Journal: “By blatantly breaking protocol, Clinton has created a mess for both the State Department and possibly her political future. By any measure, she still has plenty of explaining to do.”

Nashua Telegraph: “For anyone inclined to support Hillary Rodham Clinton for president, the disclosure that she exclusively used a private email account to conduct government business when she was secretary of state is a very troubling matter. Much more than a simple matter of convenience, that choice reflects a deliberate attempt by Clinton to hide her actions from public scrutiny. Now being called into question is not just her judgment on policy issues, but whether voters can trust her to lead the country.”