Calculating Clinton: Avoid Taking Positions For As Long As Possible

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A new report from Bloomberg noted there is growing unrest among Democrats about Hillary Clinton’s complete lack of positions on important issues.

“Less is known about Hillary Clinton’s positions on domestic issues than any other leading candidate since Dwight Eisenhower,” said H.W. Brands, a history professor at the University of Texas and author of six presidential biographies.

The elusiveness of her views troubles some Democratic leaders. “Does it bother me that, from the lead candidate and presumptive nominee, there is not a clarity?” said Representative Raul Grijalva of Arizona, a co-chairman of the House Progressive Caucus. “Of course it does.”

Rather than address issues in a substantive way, Clinton has recently taken to Twitter to attack Republicans or complain about issues. She had to break that practice and actually respond to reporters last week when nearly every paper in the country called her email scandal reprehensible.

How long Clinton can keep up this silent treatment is an open question, but given Clinton’s calculating nature, it’s clear she’s going to try to keep saying nothing as long as she possibly can.