Help Hillary Clinton Decide On A New Profile Pic!

Hillary Clinton made news for recently changing her profile picture. Why? Because the one she had been using basically encompassed the heart of the scandal she’s embroiled in.

We wanted to give her some tips about what makes a good profile picture and suggestions for some she can use! Which do you think are the best?

1) Some people highlight their favorite hobbies in their profile pictures.

2) Others make sure it includes what they do for work.

3) It should represent you as a person.

4) Your profile picture can also represent your aspirations – like returning to D.C.

5) It’s always nice to have a default pic with your BFF!

6) Nothing beats a classic pic.

7) It should represent how you feel.

8) And how you see yourself.

9) A lot of people on Twitter wear their hearts on their sleeves and highlight their stances on important issues.


10) Some people just use their profile pic to show what they’re really thinking.

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