6 BIG Questions Hillary’s Tweet Doesn’t Answer

Last night, Hillary Clinton FINALLY spoke out about her State Department email scandal – on Twitter (womp womp):

Not surprisingly, Clinton’s lame 130 character explanation raises more questions than it answers. Given the national security implications, here are a few questions Clinton might want to answer, preferably with her mouth and not her keyboard:

1) That would only include the emails the State Department has – the ones hand-picked for release by her advisers. What about all the emails the State Department did not receive?

2) How will the emails be verified, and by whom?

3) Why address such a serious matter via Twitter, and why did it take more than 48 hours since the scandal broke?

4) After the State Department said this morning it will take “several months,” is there a definitive time frame in which it will be releasing the emails?

5) If they contained no classified information, as the State Department claims, why do the emails need to be reviewed?

6) Were Clinton’s servers ever hacked?

These are important questions to which Americans deserve answers.

Ruth Marcus at the Washington Post lists even more unanswered questions.