Top 5 Clinton-Related Lines From Axelrod’s New Book

Nobody wants to read David Axelrod’s 500+ page book, so we went to the trouble and did it for you. Below are the top 5 lines from Ax’s book about the Clintons:

1. Not A Healing Figure: “But for all of her advantages, she is not a healing figure… making herself the candidate of the future will be a challenge…”


2. Revels In Partisan Politics: “Yet the ‘change’ Hillary was offering was not much change at all – certainly not a move away from the raw, divisive politics that had come to define Washington. Rather, she seemed to revel in those politics.”


3. Not A Change Agent: “The only real change she was offering was in political parties, and that simply wasn’t enough.”


4. Too Much Baggage for VP: “And while half of the voters had favorable feelings about Hillary, almost as many did not. We all felt it was baggage that we didn’t need.”


5. Infighting! “Our campaign had experienced blessedly little of the palace intrigue that had crippled Hillary’s and so many others’.”