Sec. of State Clinton Promoted Corporations Who Donated To Her Foundation

This morning, the Wall Street Journal, who broke the news this week about the Clinton’s accepting donations from foreign governments, reported that Hillary Clinton’s Foundation “collected donations from companies she promoted as Secretary of State.” 

Democrats are beginning to come out of the woodwork to share their unease and fear about the foreign government money.

Now the latest ethics scandal to hit Hillary Clinton involves corporate money flowing to her Foundation and her role as Secretary of State aggressively “pushing governments to sign deals and change policies to the advantage of corporate giants…”

Corporate donations to politically connected charities aren’t illegal so long as they aren’t in exchange for favors. There is no evidence of that with the Clinton Foundation.

In some cases, donations came after Mrs. Clinton took action that helped a company. In other cases, the donation came first. In some instances, donations came both before and after. All of the companies mentioned in this article said their charitable donations had nothing to do with their lobbying agendas with Mrs. Clinton’s State Department.

If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck… well, you know the rest.