R4H Headliner Donna Shalala Trashed Hillary’s “Screwy” Healthcare Reform Effort

UPDATE: Shalala to lead Clinton Foundation!

Tonight, Donna Shalala will headline a Ready For Hillary fundraiser in Miami, FL also featuring earwax aficionado and former Representative Joe Garcia.

Shalala, the outgoing University of Miami Chancellor who brought Hillary Clinton to the University for a paid speech last year, is rumored to take a position advising Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign after she officially steps down.

However, working together hasn’t been the most harmonious arrangement for the two. In an interview with the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, Shalala said nobody thought the Clintons’ “screwy” approach to healthcare reform would work and was “problematic from the beginning.” She was also accused of providing unflattering quotes about Clinton’s healthcare reform taskforce to author Elizabeth Drew in 1995.

Thank goodness Hilary’s ideas weren’t incorporated into that underperforming Obamacare law. Oh wait, she IS the Mother of Obamacare