PA Democrats (Still) Don’t Like Joe Sestak


Joe Sestak had a Democrat problem in 2010. In his battle with Republican-turned-Democrat Arlen Specter, Sestak upset a lot of state Dems by winning the nomination and running a lackluster campaign.

Many PA Dems are eager not to repeat the same mistake, but no credible candidate has come forward to challenge Sestak for the nomination. Here’s what just a few Democrats are saying:

Former Dem Gov. Ed Rendell: “Candidates Matter… So We Can’t Just Nominate Anybody. We’ve Got To Find Really Good Candidates.” (Joe who?)

Former PA Dems Party Chairman T.J. Rooney:  “In My Estimation, If Joe Sestak Is The Nominee In 2016 For U.S. Senate, We Will Once Again Lose To Pat Toomey.”

Dem Congressman Bob Brady: “[Sestak’s] not scaring anyone. He’s not clearing the field because he’s running.”

Dem Strategist: “[Sestak’s] got a great story to tell, a least on paper, but there are serious concerns that he’s going to blow a very good opportunity here.”

But what do those people know, right? The National Journal’s Alex Roarty took a look at the state of the race and Dem’s unease about another Sestak candidacy (emphasis ours):

Anxious about a candidate considered to be an unreliable maverick and a political liability, Democratic Party leaders have undertaken a quiet, intensive search in recent months to recruit a serious primary challenger to former Rep. Joe Sestak…”

“Their anxieties are being driven by party officials, who are concerned that Sestak could cost Democrats a must-win state in 2016. They’ve yet to turn up a successful alternative, but in their telling, it’s only a matter of time before a new challenger—one with the backing of the party establishment—enters the race.”

“The concern over Sestak is multifaceted. Party insiders fear he’s a loose cannon and doubt he will listen to the advice of political professionals. That’s a necessity in what will be a hard-fought race against Republican Sen. Pat Toomey…”

Poor Sestak.