OH Newspaper: Nobody Wants Ted Strickland To Run


This week, failed former Gov. Ted Strickland announced his Senate candidacy. The response from one of Ohio’s most respected newspapers, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, was swift and devastating. Here are some of the highlights:

“Strickland should not have put his hat in the ring.” 

“Republicans will carpet-bomb Ohio with ads boosting Rob Portman and trashing Ted Strickland. Pending further developments, Portman’s the favorite.”

“The death of the Democratic Party was confirmed Wednesday with the Strickland announcement. He is political pablum, yesterday’s bad news. Strickland should get out and stay out. It is time for fresh faces and ideas, not re-Treds.”

“Ted Strickland’s entry into the Senate race is another sorry statement about the dearth of viable Democratic candidates for a statewide run in Ohio…”

But perhaps the simplest, most direct analysis?

Congratulations on your next term, Sen. Rob Portman.