OH Dem State Rep Issues Warning To OH Dem Senate Candidate


The Ohio Senate race to take on Rob Portman is reaching new levels of hand-wringing on the left.

So far, only Cincinnati Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld has thrown his 30 year-old hat in the ring, but Ohio Democrats are waiting for decisions from former Gov. Ted Strickland, 73, and Rep. Tim Ryan, 41.

But that hasn’t stopped panicked Democrats from issuing veiled threats and warnings. Today the Cincinnati Business Courier included this line from an Ohio state rep:

“P.G. should not run against Gov. Strickland in the primary,” said state Rep. David Leland, D-Columbus. “That’s my own personal opinion. It would be very difficult for P.G., and I’m not sure that the outcome would be something that would be favorable to him or something that he would like.”

Or else!! Will P.G. adhere to Stickland and his cronies’ dramatic warnings? That’s unclear. But you can bet the fireworks are just beginning.