IL Dem Bizarrely Claims Credit For Passing ObamaCare

During a fundraiser last month in Naperville, IL, Congressman Bill Foster indicated his 2008 special election win deserved credit for passing ObamaCare.

The video, published by Fox Valley Labor News, shows Foster claiming the momentum from his 2008 race helped Democrats capture additional seats, which in turn allowed them to pass ObamaCare in 2010. The excerpt below begins at the 2:08 mark:

“But after I got reelected, I had a conversation with Chris Van Hollen and Steny Hoyer, who were leading the campaigns, the national campaign, they believe that because of the momentum that we got in that special election victory in 2008 that Democrats probably captured five or six additional seats. That’s what we argue over, whether it was five or six additional seats. But then when you consider the fact that healthcare passed in the U.S. House by three votes, then I think that everyone involved in that can be really proud of what we accomplished.”

Nationally, Americans oppose ObamaCare by an average of 12 percentage points.