Hillary Clinton’s Private Jet Addiction: 2008 Campaign Edition

Last week, Bloomberg News investigated Hillary Clinton’s rampant use of private jets during her 8 years as a U.S. Senator.

But today, a new report from National Review Online shows that Clinton also made frequent use of private jets during her 2008 presidential campaign.

In fact, “frequent use” is putting it mildly—Clinton racked up more than $19.2 million in private jet flights in the 2008 primaries before dropping out of the race.

A deeper look into the candidates’ campaign expenditures reveals that Clinton spent more than nine times as much as Romney did on private jets during the 2008 race.

While Clinton’s longer campaign accounts for part of the disparity in private-plane costs — Romney withdrew in February 2008, four months before Clinton ended her run — Clinton had spent significantly more than Romney on chartered flights before the former Massachusetts governor dropped out of the race, too. By the time Romney called his campaign quits, the Clinton campaign had already spent $6.7 million on private planes — more than three times as much as Romney.

It’s unclear if Clinton will be able to break herself of her very expensive habit in 2016.