Hillary Clinton’s Paid Speech Demands Are Back!


The New York Times reported this morning that Hillary Clinton is still scheduling paid speeches through April and still demanding highbrow perks at paid speeches, despite widespread negative press coverage.

The Times reported Clinton dropped some of her most absurd requests like lemon wedges and crudité, but kept the big ticket items:

In late January, a trade group for general counsels sought to have Mrs. Clinton as its keynote speaker for a conference in Miami in April. An executive with the Harry Walker Agency, which represents Mrs. Clinton, responded in an email, obtained by The New York Times, that in addition to the $225,000 fee, the hosts would also have to pay for “chartered round-trip private air transportation (e.g., a Gulfstream 450 or larger jet)” and business-class tickets for two advance staff members.

But the January email did set out other specific requirements, including a travel stipend of $500, a stenographer, “up to three (3) adjoining or contiguous single rooms for her travel aides and up to two (2) additional single rooms for the advance staff.”

The “total amount of time Secretary Clinton is participating in the event” should be a “continuous 90 minutes.” That included a 30-minute photo line reception “not to exceed 50 photos with up to 100 people.” And Mrs. Clinton’s speaking agents sought final approval of any “proposed moderators or introducers.”