Hillary Clinton Wants Us To Get Out Of Our Political Bunkers… That She Helped Dig

Today at the Watermark conference in Silicon Valley, Hillary Clinton said if she could wave a magic wand, she would make people in Washington work together:

“That we could get back to working together cooperatively again, that we could get out of our mindsets, our partisan bunkers…”

While that all sounds nice, it rings awfully hollow for someone who has been slinging mud in Washington for more than 2 decades.

This is the same person who labeled criticism of her husband as “vast rightwing conspiracy.”

This is the same person who described Republicans as those who would “squander the promise of our country and the hopes of our people.”

And, oh yeah, the same person who tried to divide her own party by questioning then-Senator Obama’s lack of “American roots.”

Clinton can try to rebrand and pretend her long, well-established history as a mud slinging creature of Washington doesn’t exist, but people know better. That’s what prompted David Axelrod to describe her as “a prescription for more of the same.”