HELP WANTED: Sec. Of State Needs Foreign Policy Experts


The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is assembling “experts” to chart her foreign policy agenda.

Yes, the official who used to run the State Department apparently needs to fly in experts from around the country to tell her about what’s going on in world affairs.

The major takeaway from these private talks is that she wants a strategy more suited to shaping conditions overseas, as opposed to reacting to events as they arise, people familiar with the meetings said.

In these meetings, Mrs. Clinton’s habit is to go a round the room, asking questions and taking notes with pad and pen in hand. She has been looking for an analysis of current conditions and possible solutions – but also a more proactive posture, some familiar with the meetings say.

But is anyone honestly surprised by this? From billions lost at State to Benghazi, Clinton’s State Department was plagued by rampant mismanagement and devastating failures overseas.