Clinton Among Donor “Friends” At Silicon Valley Event


Hillary Clinton is expected to give a speech tomorrow in Silicon Valley in front of a group of “friends” from which she has solicited donations many times in the past. McClatchy has the details:

Clinton will serve as the keynote speaker Tuesday at a conference sponsored by a series of major companies that have donated to her political campaigns or her family’s foundation, helped pay her hefty speaking fees at other events and lobbied her when she served as secretary of state. Some of their employees have been involved in her campaigns or initiatives at the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Many have multiple ties to the Clintons.

In addition, the story notes, these will be the same people bankrolling her presidential campaign:

The conference sponsors and their employees will be some of the same ones Clinton will count on for money and support if she runs for president again – and the same ones that could lead to questions about conflicts of interests.

“Deals and gifts inspire gratitude,” Krumholz said.

It must be great for Clinton to reconnect with donors, skirt some FEC rules, and pass along a few nods and winks to old friends. Then she’ll go into hiding again until the next paid gig. What a life!